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An unique fusion of Brazilian Jazz and Contemporary POP music

Deeply rooted in Brazilian Jazz melodies. Laced with POP contemporary production. Themed around love and existence, expressing emotive harmonies and lyrical poetry in English and Portuguese. Conceived on the slopes of Haleakala Crater, Hawaii, with Aloha.

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The birth of


On a cold morning in New York City, 30 minutes into my first piano lesson with Anne Farber (80 at the time), she declared: ‘You are an ignorant genius’. I had been a professional singer for my entire life! That was the best compliment I had ever received and it ignited a feeling of freedom I’ve never before tasted. The next day I was writing music.

I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil. 
My singing was like a cry for change. After only 10 piano lessons, I switched to learning acoustic guitar, a more familiar instrument that I played by ear.

My teacher Richard Miller gave me the keys to the fundamentals of Jazz. Creativity continued to flow, as I wallowed in my pain and wrote more music. A big change was brewing.

My son Daniel, my husband Greg and I decided to moved to Maui, Hawaii. “Seus Lábios Já Não São Meus” was the first song I wrote in Maui, followed by “Só Pra Te Ver” and “Pure Grace”. Inspired by the near drowning of a friend and artist, Marishi Love, I wrote “Blue Man”. The friendship with Marishi created “Eclipse Into Silence”.

My quest for freedom was expressed in “Princess of Tantra”. More compositions kept emerging. At that point, I started thinking of recording an album. I was playing, singing a lot, dancing (my other passion), and building a life in Hawaii.


Then a dear friend and musical partner from my past life in Brazil reappeared; producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Emerson Villani.

My partnership with


I showed Emerson my new compositions and he proposed to come to Hawaii to start producing my album. How cool! I had not seen him for 25 years.


Facebook and destiny brought us back together again. At this point I wrote the song “Interessante Saber”, about how close and apart I felt from Emerson and the anticipation of reconnecting again in such a deep level.

During the 5 weeks he visited Hawaii, we worked on 12 songs, and we choose 7 to be released on this album the universe calls 'Pure Love'. 

Emerson took the pre-production recording back to his Studio Livi, in São Paulo. He continued to craft the songs until I joined him again and recorded the vocals. Mixing and mastering followed, on a process that took over a year to complete.


The music you will hear is the best expression of my soul. Yet, I could not have done it without Emerson Villani. He was able to read into my feelings and emotions, and heal my pain with the beauty of sound. 



Pure Love was ignited by feelings of lost love.
During the countless hours of playing, listening, creating, recording, I discovered that the energy of love is never lost. It only grows, and when it is distilled and refined it turns into Pure Love.

My deepest gratitude to my beloved Greg Raab, who shows me everyday the path to unconditional LOVE.

I dedicate this album to my son Daniel Moras Raab, whose joy, talent and enthusiasm inspires me to never give up doing what I love.


Pure Love Album 



Conceived by: Klaudia Raab and Emerson Villani (Maui, Hawaii, USA, April and May 2017).
Recorded and Mixed at: Estúdio Liví (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Produced and Arranged by: Emerson Villani

Additional Production Credit: Daniel Moras Raab on "Princess of Tantra"

Mastered by: Felipe Tichauer at Red Traxx

Cover Art: Tara McPherson 

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